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Basmati Rice - WHITE - Cooked & Portioned

Basmati Rice - WHITE - Cooked & Portioned

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This product is contest prep so it is made with No Salt and No Oil.

Portioned, and packaged in various ounces for your convenience and help you meat your Macros for those who are on a specific Calorie Diet.

Health Benefits: The glycemic index, which is a system that categorizes carbohydrates based on how they affect blood sugar, is a tool that may help you on your weight-loss diet. Foods with a low-glycemic index digest slowly and may help aid in hunger control and weight loss. When it comes to glycemic index, basmati rice has a lower GI than regular rice -- 67 vs. 89 -- which may make it a better choice whether you're trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

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