Superbrew Creamer - Original

MCT-based creamer powder

Superbrew your coffee with a creamy boost of healthy fats! With 0 g of net carbs and added prebiotic fibre for a happier tummy, Superbrew Creamer is a blend of non-GMO, high-quality fats designed to keep you satisfied and fuller for longer.


MCT oil powder (medium-chain triglycerides oil, acacia gum), Coconut oil powder (coconut oil, acacia gum), Grass-fed butter and organic ghee powder blend (grass-fed butter, milk protein, non-GMO resistant maltodextrin, organic ghee, vitamin E).

Contains: Milk.

  • Helps keep hunger in check
  • Quick, sustained energy
  • Source of prebiotic fibre to promote gut health
  • 0 g net carbs per serving

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