New generation light soft drinks
loux plus ‘n light!

It is not just “another” or a “new” range of light soft drinks.

Nowadays, it is the closest thing to a natural drink that one can anyone can enjoy without sacrificing taste and pleasure and without the guilt of artificial sweeteners.

Loux orangeade, lemonade and sour cherry is just the beginning. The Loux plus ‘n light range will soon be complemented by new flavors as well as new products.

On their own they will constitute an incomparable refreshing pleasure, while all together their common characteristic is quality, purity and Loux’s spirit to create one-of-a-kind soft drinks.

Starting in 1950, followed by a creative and innovating journey, Loux, is today proud to present the plus' n light soft drinks, which are the first of their kind. Plus in taste, purity and ingredients, light in calories!

Get to know them, try and enjoy them...Cheers!

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